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Mango Farming

Mango farming


Mango farming - the farm leaderMango is a most important fruit in India. Mango is cultivated almost all over the India. It is considered to a king of fruits, in it sweetness with sourness is found. Which according to different species, less and more sweetness found in the pod. It is good source of vitamin B.

Now commercial production of mango is a being done on a large scale. But still is a great need of gardeners to use scientific techniques to get the full productivity from the orchards. For more Information you can visit National Horticulture Board

Which type of land is good for Mango Farming?

Mango can be cultivated in any type of land. Loamy land with good drainage is considered best, Lands pH must be in between 5.5 to 7.5. Mango plant should be planted in less fertile land from the beginning by making proper arrangement of manure and fertilizers, so that the plants can be Established.

Different type of Mango Varieties grown in India.

Deshi, Dussehri, Langda, Chausa, Happus, Rajapuri, Totapuri, Nilam, Amrapali, Keshar, Pairi, Himsagar and Bombay Green and many more.

How to prepare land for Mango Farming?

Preparation of pits

Preparation of pits for Mango Farming distance should be 12 * 12 meters on the land where the plants grow rapidly. In areas where growth is less, a distance of 10 * meters is sufficient. Amrapali, which is the dwarf variety, can be planted at the distance of 2.5* 2.5 meters. Plant to plant distance between 3 * 3 meter is suitable for intensive Horticulture. Whi1ch is depend upon the fertility of land.After this, pits of size 1 meter long * 1 meter width * 1 meter depth should be dug at the certain distance at the month of May to June, and the put soil with the cow dung in the pit.

Nutrient Management

If manure has been used while planting, then there is no need to fertilized till one year, after that every year for 1 year old plants, 10 kg of decomposed cow dung, 2oo gms of urea, 50 gms of phosphorus and 100 gms of potash should be applied per plant.

Irrigation management

Mango cultivation - the farm leaderIn the first year of Mango Farming, when the plants at small age the roots have not developed, then irrigation should be done at an interval of 2 to 3 days. plant of 2 to 8 years should be irrigated at an interval of 8 to 10 days. In the rainy days not to be irrigation mandatory.

Mango Harvesting

Mango FarmingThe fruit should be harvested with 1 cm long stalk, so that the fruits do not suffer from scab and stem and rot disease. Such fruits are spotless and attractive when ripe and their storage capacity is high. Fruits should be graded on the basis of their species, size, weight, color and maturity. Do not let the fruits get bruised and scratched at the time of harvesting and protect them from contact with soil.

Fruit Management after Harvesting

After harvesting, immerse the fruits in water. Remove unripe fruits that appear to be floating on top of the water. After this, add 25 grams of salt per liter of water and immerse the fruits. Use fruits that float on water for export.

For proper ripening of fruits, 100 kg of fruits are immersed in 100 liters of water (62.5ml-187.5ml) of Ethrel 52+ at 2°C for 5 minutes between 4-8 days after harvesting- Dip in the middle HT (vapor heat treatment) is also necessary to check the lip of fruit fly. Use fruits plucked 3 days ago for this action.

Special things to be noted

  • Plantation of the garden should be kept away from the polluted site like brick kiln etc.
  • While selecting the site for the garden, keep in mind that the high voltage power line does not pass through.
  • Regular pruning of garden trees should be done in such a way that the diseased branches fail, and the whole tree takes the shape of a circle.
  • Special attention should be given to the disease of Malformation, and if the effect is visible, take immediate action as per the technical recommendations.

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